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Newick Teaching School - Training Terms and Conditions

Please read before booking any course

If you need any further information please email admin@newickts.com


Fee-bearing Courses/Conferences - Cancellation Policy

  • For all fee-bearing courses our cancellation policy is applied. The full fee is payable for delegates who cancel within the last two weeks before the course date, or who fail to show up on the day (except for exceptional circumstances).

  • Our cancellation policy is available on our website.

  • Call or email Newick Teaching School on Admin@newickts.com directly to cancel a place.

    Non-fee-bearing Courses/Conferences - Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations within two weeks before the course date or failure to attend will incur a £15 administration fee.

  • Call or email Newick Teaching School on Admin@newickts.com directly to cancel a place.

    Fee-bearing and Non-fee-bearing Courses/Conferences

  • Enrolment Delegates who have not enrolled should not turn up on the day of the event as this causes disruption to the venue, the tutor, and other participants. Enrolment will always be confirmed by e mail directly to the delegate.

  • If delegates turn up on the day without a confirmed booking and space is available, a surcharge of £15 will be payable in addition to the published course/conference fee.

  • Please also note that course materials may not be available as these will be reserved for those who have booked in advance.

  • Booking Closing Dates All courses/conferences are closed for booking two weeks before the event. Delegates should be aware that bookings must be made before the closing date shown on course publicity and the website.

  • Delegates may request that their names are held on a Waiting List in case of any cancellations after that date.

  • If a space becomes available the Newick Teaching School will contact you directly.

  • If cancellation is outside that period, the school, college or setting will be charged the relevant full daily rate.

  • Weather in severe weather conditions; delegates should contact the venue before travelling for confirmation that the training is still going ahead. If the course is cancelled you will not be charged.

  • Please note that Newick Teaching School hold no liability for the appropriateness of course applications.

  • If a delegate enrols on the wrong course, any costs incurred will have to be met fully by the school or setting and Newick Teaching School will not be liable for any related costs.

  • For any queries about course enrolment, please contact Newick Teaching School on Admin@newickts.com or 01825 723377.

  • Complaints: If you are not happy with any aspect of the services you buy; please write to The Director of Teaching School on Director@newickts.com

  • We look forward to working with you to further enhance learning, teaching, leadership, and management in schools and childcare settings.

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